Franchisee Engagement

Our franchisees are the backbone of our business and it is their dedication, ambition and entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to grow.



We engage with our franchisees on multiple levels. We welcome franchisees and key members of their teams to our annual brand conferences and award dinners. Franchisees attend specialist events, such as the Discovery Days at Willow Pumps, so that they can learn about new opportunities and meet people from across the business. The Chairman’s Dinner, for our largest Metro Rod franchisees with annual sales of over £1m, allows us to celebrate and recognise the success of our franchisees.

We support our franchisees through individual visits and meetings, seminars and training courses. We also engage with them through specialist franchisee forums and our digital and online platforms. Regular surveys, including those we commission from external parties, help us obtain useful feedback on key issues and the support services we provide.