Business Building Strategy

Franchise Brands is focused on building market-leading businesses primarily via a franchise model. “If they grow, we grow”.

Our business-building strategy has five engines of growth:

Expanding and developing our services: Widen and deepen our range of services to increase system sales, and drive customer acquisition and retention. Low market share in all key growth businesses.

Developing a technology platform: Our digital platform helps enhance customer service and increase sales, thereby facilitating strong operational gearing.

Develop synergies through shared central services: Leverage the investment in technology and other central services such as marketing and finance to optimise the effectiveness of the business. Cross-functional and cross-geographic.

Optimising our service delivery: Our strategy is to grow franchise channels. We use Direct Labour Organisations to develop our franchise businesses more rapidly and provide specialist services.

Developing our businesses: Ability to launch brands of the existing group into new markets, and benefit from cross-selling opportunities across brands.