Our Strategy and Business Model

Franchise Brands is focused on building market-leading businesses in selected customer segments, using primarily a franchise model. 

Our focus is on established brands which can benefit from our shared support services as well as our management expertise, experience, and group resources.

The acquisition of Willow Pumps, a direct labour organisation (“DLO”), represented an important step in expanding Metro Rod and Metro Plumb’s range of services to the commercial market.

The creation of a B2B and B2C division provides a greater focus and structure to grow our portfolio, support our franchisees and develop our businesses.

Acquisitions are a central part of our growth strategy. In scope are: 

  • Acquisitions that expand the range of services that Metro Rod, Metro Plumb and Willow Pumps can offer, in pursuit of our ambition to offer a full “Water in. Waste out” drainage, pumps and plumbing service.
  • B2C acquisitions which allow the Group to leverage its existing divisional structure and shared support services such as franchise recruitment, marketing, finance and technology.
  • A new franchise system of scale.