Our Strategy and Business Model

Franchise Brands is focused on building market-leading businesses in selected customer segments, using primarily a franchise model.


Our focus is on established brands which can benefit from our shared support services as well as our management expertise, experience, and Group resources.

Supporting franchisees: 

We provide our franchisees with the support, training and specialist tools they need to successfully grow their businesses and achieve their goals. This includes: providing customer leads; sales and marketing support; systems to manage their businesses, and specialist finance health & safety and technical support.

Service expansion: 

We actively look for opportunities to help our franchisees expand their range of services. To help Metro Rod and Metro Plumb franchisees benefit from the considerable opportunities available in the specialist pump sector, we acquired Willow Pumps. Their expert team is helping franchisees build a pump capability.

Developing businesses:

We develop our businesses through our shared support services such as technology, marketing, franchise recruitment and finance. Our management expertise and experience and Group resources also play a key role in helping grow our businesses from “good to great”.

Growing our portfolio:

Acquisitions are a central part of our growth strategy. These include complementary B2C franchise businesses where we can leverage our divisional structure, and complementary B2B businesses that assist in expanding the range of services offered by Metro Rod and Metro Plumb. Also in scope are additional franchise businesses of scale which could create a third division of the group.