Pirtek is a market-leading European provider of on-site hydraulic hose replacement and associated services.

It provides this mission-critical, emergency response van-based service within a target one-hour arrival time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Time-sensitive service solutions such as this are of great importance in industries where downtime costs typically outweigh the costs of the Pirtek service and which have safety critical needs, high labour costs or well-evolved customer service standards.

Pirtek Europe was established in 1988 and currently operates in eight countries – the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands – giving it a prominent market presence in western Europe.

Pirtek has 217 service centres and a fleet of 843mobile service vehicles. System sales are largely generated by its franchise businesses. Pirtek primarily operates a royalty model, with the majority of its 69 franchisees paying a MSF for the use of the brand and ongoing services and support provided by Pirtek, enabling Pirtek to grow as its franchisees grow.

For further information please see www.pirtek.co.uk