How empathy can solve franchising’s biggest challenge in 2022, with Stephen Hemsley of Franchise Brands.

17th January 2022

It’s a brand-new year, filled with possibility and opportunity. But in order to make the most of 2022, franchisors will need to utilise every skill they picked up throughout the previous few in order to make the most of the months ahead.

Stephen-Hemsley global franchise podcast

For Stephen Hemsley, that means practicing empathy and ensuring that product and service are always kept at the forefront of the customer experience. But how do you translate this idea across industries, or solve the post-pandemic issues being felt across the entire franchising world?

Executive Chairman of Franchise Brands, Stephen Hemsley, joined Kieran McLoone – Editor of Global Franchise, for their first podcast episode of 2022 to discuss this further. Stephen Hemsley says “If you can build a return relationship, you can build a better service with those individual customers because you get to know them.”

Tune in to find out how technology can maximize efficiency, how to ‘fill your valleys’ when the times get tough, the similarities between services franchising and the QSR world, and what the biggest challenge facing all businesses in 2022 could be.

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