Our sustainability commitments and ESG ambitions underpin our actions across the Group. We are committed to adopting responsible business practices, delivering sustainable growth, positively supporting employees and empowering our franchisees.


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, continually improving our environmental performance. and supporting our customers in reaching their environmental goals.

We are committed to delivering services to our customers in a responsible manner. As such, we make every effort to understand and effectively manage the potential environmental impact of our activities. We aim to continually improve our environmental performance and support our customers in reaching their environmental goals. Our key environmental commitments are to:

  • Comply with, and where possible exceed, applicable requirements;
  • Promote improved fuel and energy efficiency;
  • Reduce waste and actively promote reuse and recycling across our business;
  • Monitor our environmental performance and set objectives and targets;
  • Integrate environmental innovation and efficiency in project design, construction and the services we provide; and
  • Work with our franchisees, suppliers and contractors to support our efforts and to promote sustainability in everything we do.


Our committed and dedicated people are our most valuable resource and we want to provide a great working environment that is underpinned by strong cultural values.

We recognise the importance of cultivating and maintaining a positive working environment and providing a range of development opportunities for individuals to broaden their range of skills, take on new challenges and fulfil their potential.

One of the keys to our success is our strong ownership culture. All the senior management team have invested in the business and still own 57% of the equity. This ownership culture extends more widely to all Franchise Brands staff in the form of share options, which are awarded to all employees with more than six months of service. When we acquire a new business, our principle is to award all employees with qualifying service share options within the first year of ownership.

We believe in the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive working environment, where team members feel welcome, can be themselves and are able to fulfil their potential. We are particularly proud of the fact 42% of our senior management team is female. We look for people with a wide range of skills, backgrounds and perspectives. We also provide leadership development and mentoring to help our high-potential managers successfully take on new roles and responsibilities.


We believe that good corporate governance is vital in supporting our growth strategy and, in turn, its long-term success.  The Board of Directors has chosen to apply the Quoted Companies Alliance (the “QCA”) Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”) as it believes that this provides an appropriate governance framework for a group of our size and should help support our growth and success. We seek to comply with the Code’s principles and application wherever possible, but there can be circumstances where the interests of the Company and its shareholders are better served by departing from the Code’s requirements. In these circumstances, we will seek to explain the divergence.

Corporate governance plays a crucial role in helping to preserve value for shareholders by providing a process for decision-making which should ensure that all major decisions are considered in good time, that the Board is provided with good-quality briefing materials which cover all relevant factors and that our deliberations consider the risks, as well as the opportunities, in the issues before us. It is for these reasons that the Board is committed to achieving high standards of corporate governance.