Filta Wins Major Sustainability Award at Footprint Awards 2022

15th August 2022

Environmental kitchen specialist Filta Group won the Sustainable Catering Equipment Manufacturer Award at the Foodservice Footprint Awards 2022 held at the RIBA in Central London.

Filta’s sustainability is embedded in its DNA. From the design to the delivery of market leading solutions Filta is at the forefront of integrating sustainability into everything it does.

ESG Commitments 

The company launched its ESG commitments to reach Net Zero operational impact on the environment across its global businesses by 2035. Filta is committed to continuing to work to reduce the environmental impact of its own operations, and those of its end user clients through continued product development. Filta made a massive positive impact on sustainability in 2020 worldwide.

Driving Sustainability

Filta recently launched its FiltaFOG cyclone range which was developed after 15 years of R&D, driving sustainability across every aspect of its operation. Fully recyclable with a never-seen-before 20-year lifecycle, it is built to last and designed for the circular economy.

Not only does it deliver exceptionally high-quality recovered oil from kitchen wastewater, but the easy-to-use unit is constructed in 100% stainless steel with no plastic, no moving parts, no costly consumables and ultra-low energy usage which makes it a strong, sustainable proposition in the market.

Already favoured by major popular quick service restaurants and hotels in the UK and with early success in Europe, it is on the verge of becoming the most sustainable and widely used grease recovery unit in these markets. Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) are an important consideration for caterer and to have a grease recovery unit that efficiently separates oil from wastewater and recovers FOG at 16ppm at outlet greatly helps their environmental goals. The recovered oil is recycled to be used further down the line as biodiesel, which helps support the circular economy.

Filta’s Commercial Director, Edward Palin, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to have won this sustainability award, sponsored by Nestlé Professional, and be able to display the infamous black stone award in our offices. The Footprint Awards, of which the focus was very much around ESG, remains the only initiative to honour the achievements of companies in the area of sustainability and responsible business practice in the out of home sector. To have won this prestigious award validates our effort to provide a truly sustainable solution to the market and gives us the motivation to keep going and supporting circular economy.”