1st November 2021

EcoVadis silver medal

At Metro Rod, we are always seeking new ways to positively impact the local communities in which we operate, from the environment to the economy and ensuring a safe organisation for our staff and customers.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been awarded the EcoVadis silver medal, recognising our overall sustainability performance. With the EcoVadis silver medal, Metro Rod is now ranked in the top 25% of all businesses assessed by EcoVadis globally.

How Has Metro Rod Achieved the Silver Medal?

EcoVadis is an independent rating agency that utilises a unique CSR assessment to provide business sustainability ratings for more than 75,000 companies worldwide through evidence-based evaluation covering the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Environmental Work

As a business that deals with waste products, we recognise our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and instil this through our policies and procedures. For example, the management and disposal of raw materials, chemicals, and non-hazardous waste generated from our operations.

Our ecology policy works towards protecting eco biodiversity through investing in equipment and technologies that help reduce our energy consumption.

We’re also keen to reduce our carbon footprint and do so through our franchise business model in which we have 50 plus depots located locally across the UK. This puts Metro Rod within a 1-hour drive of 85% of commercial businesses, reducing our travel times and cutting carbon emissions. We also have franchisees that have invested or are looking to invest in electric vehicles.

Labour and Human Rights

We pride ourselves on being a responsible employer, whether that’s shown through our health and safety policy, equality and diversity policy or the practices we develop across our franchise network. For example, we support unemployment by developing and training unskilled workers, providing equal opportunities to all employees, including those with the greatest need or facing the most significant disadvantage.

We’re also keen to support the professional development of all those who work within Metro Rod by providing industry-recognised qualifications, tailored coaching and training to help individuals progress into senior roles.


Our governing principles are at the heart of everything we do, whether that’s being a responsible employer to the welfare of our employees through our anti-bribery and corruption policy or ensuring our customers’ data is processed securely. We’re proud to implement GDPR and Data Protection policies across the company and regularly provide awareness and training to employees.

Sustainable Procurement

As a national business that operates locally, sustainability is at the top of our list. We live and work in local communities and are continuously looking to support these. Whether that’s embedding sustainability through our supply chain and purchasing from organic sources, raising money for charities at our annual conference or supporting local schools with the sponsorship of their walking bus, providing hi-vis jackets to increase safety and encourage children to walk to school.

To learn more about Metro Rod’s approach to CSR and the initiatives we have in place to support the environment, the local communities in which we operate and our members of staff, visit our CSR page.